launches new cross promotion network for Game Apps Only have now launched a brand new cross promotion banner exchange network, dedicated to mobile gaming app developers.


The new service allows developers to benefit from the use of cross promotion as a tool for promoting mobile games to smartphone and tablet users. Independent game developers are encouraged to make the most of space in their games that is currently unused to promote either their new games that they have created or the best game from their existing pool of games. The service is completely free of charge to use, and offers an additional way to generate revenue on top of existing in-game advertising, download fees and in-game purchases. Delivers Results

The cross promotion network is designed not to replace existing income generation methods like interstitials or in-game purchases, but to work alongside them to help developers increase their downloads and thus additional revenue. More Gamers has listed here the various locations that currently go un-monetized in most games where their cross promotion banners can be placed The service from is proven to have very high click through rates compared with industry averages on banner ads (More Gamers users on average have a 10% ctr) – which also leads to very high conversion rates. offer a wide variety of SDKs which are compatible with a range of different game designs. Once the relevant SDK has been implemented into your game or games, in-game advertisements will be loaded and shown to game users. Each developer earns advertising credits, the number of which is determined by the number of ad impressions and clicks as a result of their games. Once an advertising credit has been earned, developers will then find that their own games are eligible to be promoted by other games that are registered within the network. At this stage, the developer’s own games will be promoted within other games from other developers.


The whole service is completely free to use, and is relied on by many large game developers to ensure that their releases remain at the top of the download charts.


The new service supports cross promotion via the Google Play, Apple, Windows and Amazon app stores.


Says a company spokesperson for, “We are very excited to have launched our brand new cross promotion banner exchange network, which allows game developers to work together to increase the number of downloads of their games without taking away any existing adverts that generate income. Our service is the first dedicated mobile game banner exchange service, which is set to remove the dominance of a handful of studios from the top app charts. 90% of the top 25 studios whose games collectively receive 50% of the downloads and revenue from the app store use Cross Promotion in their arsenal to stay on top.”


For more information about the new cross promotion network, visit

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