I want to put MoreGamer.com into my games made with CONSTRUCT 2

Question By: J.M (potential member)

Hi there,

I want to put ads into my games from CONSTRUCT 2.
HOw can I put sdk into it. Cause Construct 2 is HTML5 and will be compile into APK from Ludei / IntelXDK.
Do you have the video tutorial how to put ads into my finish APK?

I made games with Construct 2 by SCIRRA.

Thanks :)


The Reply:

Hi M.J,

Yes we do have an SDK for Construct 2… and a Video Tutorial to Accompany it. Simply go here:¬†http://MoreGamers.com/sdks.php and scroll down about 80% of the page.. almost near the end you will see the Construct 2 logo and material we provide.


Good Luck

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