How do you make money and will you ever charge for this service?

Question from M.L (potential member)

Hi Emily,

sounds interesting. I’m about to sign up and check it out. My first question is’how do you make money?’ :) It’s not mentioned in your promo video. So do I have to pay after a while, or can I but extra ads?

Thanks and best regards, M.L.


Our Reply:

Hi M.L,

Well first of all I’m glad you like what you see and look forward to having you on board. To answer your question directly. We have 2 plans to make money.
  1. We state on our front page and FAQ section that we keep a small percentage of ad credits from all users ourselves, this is the pay for the upkeep and costs pertaining to offering this free service. At the moment these credits are being circulated through a few of our very early members. These members were there from day one, who bought into the concept and have since then supported us by using our system in hundreds of their multi million time downloaded games. They have made enough games available from the very get go on all 4 of the major platforms to ensure we have enough inventory of games not to bore end users. Think of it as the chicken and egg scenario. We needed them even for the very first public member to signup and effectively use our service.
  2.  In the future whilst still keeping the free cross promotion banner exchange option available for anyone who would like to use it. We will introduce the option to sell a percentage of this inventory. It will be entirely up to our users if they would like to sell 0%, 10%, 20%, 60% or 100% of their inventory. Different developers have different aims and priorities and we have already been inundated with advertisers as well as our own members constantly inquiring if they can purchase ads from us. This demand is there due to the very high ctr and click to download ratio we generate, as we are a targeted games only network.
Hope that answers your concern.

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