Great Way to Loose What Users You Already Have

Question From: J.S. (potential member)
I already have my own private network referral service running.


I am however interested in learning more about your general cross promotion service.   From analyzing what you put up on your site it would seem your system is heavily skewed to popular games.  So small games with few users and slow growth would mostly just be showing other peoples games and not showing up elsewhere on the network with much promotion at all.   Which honestly as a small developer sounds like a great way to loose what users I do gain. Unless your service offers parity advertising (1 show of someone else’s advert == 1 show of mine) I can’t make the math work out how this would be a good investment for me and my company (we have shipped a dozen games this year alone.)


I’m interested in learning more about your service, but unless the math works out I will not be able to work with y’all.
The Answer:

Hi J.S,

We don’t consider any publisher small.. you never know when one of your games gets picked up by a stranger and shoots up the charts. We rather make peace with everyone :)


That said.. the 1:1 ratio of business is very much open to cheaters. We have a model that is very close to that in ratio but utilizes a 10:XX ratio. XX varies but is never more than 20%…often far less than this. We have 18 methods of checking for cheaters in our public network. We publicly do not discuss these 18 factors as these we consider trade secrets.


We offer all users the ability to convert their account into a Private Network by simply ticking one box. This way, you advertise no other members and only your own games within your games.


I don’t believe cross promotion is a bad thing, otherwise I would have not worked for for the past 11 years… Your users are not trapped inside of your game and are free to exit and uninstall your game whenever. Atleast with cross promotion you are giving yourself a fighting chance of directing those users onto another one of your games… or getting a new user in exchange from another one of our members…


Hope my answer disperses some of your worries regarding cross promotion.

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