How Much Do You Pay?

More Gamers does not pay for displaying ads in your games. But rather in return we advertise your games in our other members games.

We encourage game developers to use their in-game banner opportunities to increase their overall game downloads, by using our cross promotion network.

Whilst monetizing their games with much more lucrative full page interstitial ads and in game purchases.



How Do I Make Money?

More Gamers does not pay for ads displayed inside your games.  Rather we encourage developers to utilize in-game banner opportunities to increase downloads using our cross promotion network.

Generating revenue by implementing full page interstitial ads which often yield cpm’s 20x that of traditional in-game banners. As well as offering in game purchases.


How does the Cross Promotion Network work?

Once our SDK has successfully been implemented into your games, we load and show in-game advertisements. You earn advertising credits for promoting games by other developers based on ad impressions and clicks. When you have earned sufficient advertising credits, your games automatically become eligible to be promoted by other games registered within our cross promotion network. Your advertising credits are then used to promote your game in other games.